In the context of our Aiva University continuing education initiative, we offer the Wealth Management Program.

It comprises three modules, focusing on key aspects of the professional development of a financial adviser: Investments, Structuring and Sales.The modules shall be lectured by international experts from renowned institutions: CFA Institute, ADEN International Business School and Untitled.



4.0 Advisory - Bárbara Mainzer

The financial world is in permanent flux and in many instances, at an accelerating pace. The financial market is increasingly complex, while investors and their needs grow in sophistication. Regulatory pressures are mounting. 

In this conference, we shall analyse the looming changes and review the best advisory practices, in order to simultaneously satisfy our clients’ needs and the regulatory requirements, while conducting a successful business.



International financial planning in the era of transparency - Martín Litwak

The recent years have witnessed regulatory changes and market practice changes, which have greatly impacted relevant aspects in the life of high-worth individuals, exposing them to increased risks regarding their privacy, the tax pressure they experience, and in the case of Latin American families, also the legal certainty offered by the countries where they reside. Throughout his presentation, Martin Litwak will refer to these changes and challenges, and the solutions that can be implemented to respond to these changes.



Neruroventas - How and why customers buy - Fabián Pérez

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